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One of the most beautiful holiday resorts of the Marmara region, Ayvalık attracts the attention particularly for its closeness to major cities such as Istanbul and Izmir.

Famous for its scenic beauty Ayvalık is also well known for its delicious cuisine. Comprised of a great variety of dishes prepared with ingredients such as olives, olive oil, organic herbs, vegetables and seafood the local cuisine will please your palate.

The resort, where you can enjoy the sea, nature, history and local cuisine, offers a variety of romantic and tranquil locations.

The site of tourist attractions such as Cunda Island and Şeytan Sofrası (Devils Banquet), offering terrific views of a colorful nature, this lovely holiday resort welcomes tourists through the entire year.

You will not regret spending your next holiday in this lovely seaside town located at the crossroads of the Marmara and Aegean Region.


A district of Balıkesir province at the midpoint of Istanbul and Izmir, Ayvalık is the perfect holiday destination for tourists looking for a relaxing holiday in the bosom of nature.

Ayvalık is in the vicinity of Balıkesir and the drive from the city center to Ayvalık takes less than two hours. You will arrive directly downtown the busiest area of Ayvalık. Here, you will find everything you are looking for be it boutique hotels, little shops or cafes.

You will understand what makes this place unique when you take a stroll through the narrow backstreets of the town and explore the historical houses and monuments.

Sarımsaklı Beach, among Turkey’s blue flagged beaches, is located a little further away from the town center. Besides a long sandy beach and clear blue sea, Sarımsaklı offers also accommodation facilities viewing the infinite blue sea.

Located at the end of a steep road leading through pine tree forests, Şeytan Sofrası Hill welcomes its guests with a magnificent view of the whole terrain which becomes particularly spectacular during sunrise and sunset. One can take wonderful pictures of the location while taking a rest and some refreshments at any of the service areas.

Among the many small islands located in the area, Cunda Island is perhaps the most popular one. We recommend you not to leave the island before sightseeing its historical streets and trying the fresh seafood and the local ice cream and coffee. The quaint and narrow streets bestow the island a historic flair, and it is a pleasure to stroll in the area shopping for souvenirs and organic products.

Ayvalık which grows the best olives and produces the most delicious olive oil will also please your palate with its delicious cuisine.

The region abounds in historical monuments and churches indicating that the area was inhabited by a large Greek population in the past. The Taksiyarhis, Aya Athanasiu, Ayazma churches in Ayvalık, and the Agia Triyada Church and Despot’s House on Cunda island are among the main attractions that must be seen.

You may enroll in one of the many diving schools in the area or join a boat tour and enjoy the clear blue sea. Indeed, boat tours are among the popular activities as the region is abundant in bays that can be visited by boat.

Especially, the Patricia coves are referred to as hidden corners of paradise. Near to Ayvalık, and kept like a treasure behind hidden corners, these precious islands are the perfect location where one can enjoy the silence, swim in the tranquil sea and watch the argentine fish jumping in the sea.

Do not miss the opportunity to explore this magnificently unique region and just book your next holiday in Ayvalık.


Popular for its scenic beauty and abundant nature Ayvalik welcomes visitors for its festivals too.

Held in September every year, The Ayvalık Culture and Art Days welcome notable scholars, writers and artists. Many exhibitions, lectures and concerts are organized during the festival.

The International Ayvalik Music Festival, which hosts a great number of renowned musicians, is held in July every year.

These festivals are not to be missed for visitors who are looking for entertainment in addition to a scenic holiday.

How can I get there?

Located in the Marmara region the transportation to Ayvalik is rather fast and convenient. Situated in two hours distance to the city center of Balikesir, the journey to Ayvalik is quite enjoyable as the road offers scenic views.

The nearest airports to Balikesir province are located in Istanbul and Izmir. Balıkesir province lies at the midpoint of Istanbul and Izmir, and it takes only a few hours’ drive to get to Ayvalık either by car or by bus.

The province has a rather convenient intraregional transportation system. It is possible to travel safely via minibus, taxi or bicycle to any destination within the region.

If you think it’s time to give a break, just book your vacation and begin to enjoy your next holiday in Ayvalik.


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