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Bozcaada: Turkey's third largest island located at the northern end of the Aegean region, Bozcaada, literally enchants everyone with its unmatched beauty.

Located within Çanakkale province, Bozcaada welcomes all visitors who want to sightsee this magnificent island and spend a peaceful vacation amidst serene nature.

Famous for its vineyards and adorned with the romantic texture of the Aegean Region, Bozcaada is situated close to the entrance of Çanakkale Strait.

Known as Tenedos in the ancient times, the island is also mentioned in Homer's The Iliad. A charming small island, Bozcaada is the site of numerous historical structures.

Do not miss the opportunity to explore this magnificent island and its unique wines!


One of Turkey’s most beautiful islands, Bozcaada offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing holiday amidst a scenic environment all the year round.

Surrounded by pristine bays the coastal areas of the island are beset with sandy beaches reaching into the sea. The Ayazma and Habbale beaches; Sulubahçe, Beylik, Çayır, Tuzburnu ve Tekirbahçe coves are awaiting you to enjoy the scenic beauties of the Aegean region.

The Ayazma Monastery, Bozcaada Castle and Museum, Virgin Mary Church and Alaybey Mosque and Bath are among the region-specific structures and monuments of Bozcaada. Carrying the traces of history these structures are worth the visit before leaving the island.

Home to several large wineries Bozcaada is well known for its original wine produced from the region specific grapes of Bozcaada. It is possible to visit the vineyards and factories and to taste or purchase the local wine.

Among the symbols of Bozcaada the windmills set along the west coast reveal a wonderful scenery especially at sunset. You can join one of the tours to sightsee the island and the windmills during summer time.

Windsurfing, scuba diving, trekking and cycling are among the other activities that will not only boost your adrenaline level but also enable you to get to know the island in more detail.

Bozcaada with its well-maintained wooden houses, narrow streets and fishing boats will take you to a completely different era and make you feel like an islander. Furthermore, the Polente lighthouse situated on the back side of the island offers a unique sight.

The highest peak of the island with an altitude of 192 meters, Göztepe is a hill with a dominant view of the island. It is a great pleasure to watch the amazing sunrise and sundown from the hill located at the end of a curvy, steep and narrow road.

Bozcaada, which treats its guests with great hospitality and offers the most exquisite dishes of the local cuisine, is ever ready to welcome its guests at any season.


One of the most beautiful spots of the Aegean Sea, Bozcaada is also well known for its festivals.

Held in September every year, the Bozcaada Culture, Art and Vintage Festival becomes the scene of many concerts, competitions and wine tastings.

The Bozcaada Local Tastes Festival, which offers the tasty dishes of the local cuisine is another activity organized in September.

How about getting acquainted with Bozcaada and its unique cuisine and natural scenery?

How can I get there?

Situated at the crossroads of the Aegean and Marmara regions, the journey to Bozcaada is quite enjoyable.

Once you have arrived in Çanakkale by bus or by car you can get on one of the car ferries leaving from Geyikli to Bozcaada. In addition, there are sea buses to the island from the city center of Çanakkale.

Do not miss the chance to explore Bozcaada, the hidden corner of paradise!


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