Airports The main international airports are in western Turkey. Istanbul Airport Istanbul’s main airport is Istanbul International Airport. This is second biggest airport in Europe. Very big airport, that is way you could check airport link. Sabiha Gökçen International Airport This airport is popular with low-cost European airlines, but is not as conveniently located as…
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Departure times change between seasons, with fewer ferries generally running in the winter. The routes available also change from year to year. A good starting point for information is Ferrylines ( Daytrips on ferries to Greece are popular. Remember to take your passport, and check you have a multiple-entry Turkish visa so you can get…
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If you're travelling by train or bus, expect to be held up at the border for two to three hours – or even longer if your fellow passengers don't have their paperwork in order. You'll usually have to disembark and endure paperwork and baggage checks – on both sides of the border. Security at the…
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