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Datça: One of the most beautiful peninsulas stretching into the Aegean Sea, Datça lies at the bosom of a bedazzling nature abounding in ancient monuments and artifacts dating back to more than thousand years ago.

Settled by the Carians for the first time in 2000 B.C, the importance of the region has increased steadily over time. Datça, which lived its heyday by the time the Dorians had established Knidos, came under the rule of the Lydians, Persians, Byzantines, and finally the Ottomans.

Having sheltered a variety of civilizations throughout the centuries, the town is now the site of a variety of structures and monuments of diverse cultures. Particularly rich in the remains of the Dorian and Byzantine periods the region is worth exploring.

Located in Mugla province and declared a Special Environmental Protection Area, Datca, with its pristine nature and rich diversity of plants astonishes particularly the tourists coming from the cities.

Datça with its 235 km long coastline and 52 bays delights the visitor with different natural wonders in every corner. Surrounded by numerous blue flag beaches, the town has a typical Mediterranean climate. Summers are hot and dry whereas winters are mild and rainy.

Datça is waiting for you if you want to take a sunbath on an island and enjoy the beauty of this awesome geography.


Datca welcomes a great number of tourists from around the world for its abundant nature and historic heritage. There are many places to sightsee in Datça where you can spend a convenient vacation thanks to the oxygen-laden air and the fresh and windy weather in summer.

Renowned for its ancient sites that survived from the ancient times, Knidos has taken its place in history as a civilization that is well advanced in science, art and architecture. The second largest medical school of the period was founded in this ancient city. The walls of the city, once surrounding the city from one end to the other, literally served as borders.

The Temple of Aphrodite is the most important and beautiful spot of the ancient site where trade ports, two large theaters, houses and many more monuments were located. The terrific statue of Aphrodite, a part of which is missing, is situated at the center of the temple.

Located in Burgaz the first settlement of Knidos, the ancient city of Sarı Liman is the site of the Apollo Temple where one of the most important races namely, the Apollon races took place. The excavations carried out over the years have revealed that a variety of churches and temples had been built in the area.

The colorful mosaics of the churches established by the successive civilizations are still observable in the present day. The artifacts excavated on site are now displayed in a museum nearby.

You will certainly enjoy sunbathing at the beautiful beaches while observing the infinite sea displaying all shades of blue. While Kızlan village, among the windiest areas of the region, showcases spectacular views of the windmills located there, the sight of the 7 km long coast of Gebekum will make you want to take off your shoes and walk in the sand.

There are about 52 bays in Datca waiting to be visited and explored. Kargı bay, Domuzbükü, Palamutbükü, Kızılbükü and Hayitbükü are among the best known deep blue bays with crystal clear waters. In addition, Datça has many blue flag beaches where you can relax and just enjoy the sun and the sea.

Provided with well-equipped boats, Datça offers the most entertaining and comprehensive boat tours of the region.

Gebekum and Periliköşk, on the other hand, are ideal locations for water sports. The windiest area of the region, Datça is the center of sports such as sailing and surfing.

The area is also a perfect spot for diving enthusiasts who want to discover the rich diversity of the underwater of the region.

Datça is also the hometown of Turkey’s most delicious almonds. Wouldn’t you like to discover this magnificent resort of the Aegean region?


A dreamy location where traces of history blend with the colors of nature and the sun, Datça is noticed also for its festivals held around the year.

Held in September and attended by many visitors every year, the program of the International Altın Badem (Golden Almond) Cinema and Culture Festival includes screenings, shows, concerts and cultural events.

The Datça Knidos Almond Festival is organized in the second half of August every year and celebrates the local almond of the region. The festival program includes also the commemoration of the notable poets of the region.

The Datça Nature and Friendship Festival takes place in April every year. Nature lovers from all over the world get together and organize nature walks.

You will experience unforgettable moments at Datça Open Air Theater, the venue of numerous concerts, shows and performances.

The site of numerous local events this magnificent resort invites you to take part in the joyful festivities.

How can I get there?

Situated in Muğla province with the most developed transportation system of the Aegean region, Datça is visitable throughout the year both for its amazing climate and convenient location.

There are return flights between many cities and Muğla Dalaman Airport. The shuttle services and similar transportation vehicles outside of the terminal gates will transfer you to Datça.

Tavellers who prefer the road can get to Muğla via intercity bus from any city in Turkey. The service buses located at the Muğla bus terminal will take you to the desired destination within Muğla province.

Are you dreaming of a vacation on a charming peninsula? Just change your course to Datça.



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