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Didim: A district of Aydın province one of the most beautiful cities of the Aegean region, Didim enchants the visitor with its scenic beauty and ancient sites.  

The settled life began a long time ago in Didim with a history dating back to 8000 BC. Naturally, there are a variety of historical buildings and structures scattered all over the town.

Fishery is another major occupation of this agricultural town abounding in wheat and cotton fields. You should certainly try the local seafood dishes which will delight your palate.   

It’s your turn to explore Didim which fascinates all visitors with its azure blue sea and golden beaches, delicious tastes and unique samples of the Aegean cuisine. 


Didim which has been in the limelight since the ancient times and never lost its value is also famous for its natural beauty.

The Temple of Apollo dating back to ancient times is one of the most important structures of the town. Located in Dydima which was considered as holy ground, this fascinating temple served as a center of prophecy.

Another ancient city in Didim is Miletus. Founded in 2000 B.C., Miletus became later on one of the most important coastal cities of the Ionian League. Many historical artifacts like the Baths of Faustina, the ceremonial area, the Temple of Athena, the Stadium and temenos of Zeus Olympos can also be visited in this area.

All of the items and artifacts recovered from the site excavations are on exhibit at the Miletus Museum. If you visit the museum, you will have the chance to explore the history of the region from in a wider perspective.

Priene is another ancient settlement near to this town. With a history dating back to the 7th century B.C., Priene is home to numerous ancient structures like the temples of Demeter, Athena, Zeus and Egypt and the house of Alexander the Great and the Byzantine Church.

Located by the coast of the azure blue Aegean Sea, Didim with its blue flag beaches is one of the regions worth seeing. The golden beaches of Altınkum and Akbük invite you to enjoy the sea and the sun.

Surrounded with various bays, Didim delights its guests with the variety of natural wonders. A scenic landscape surrounded with olive and pine trees and natural wonders such as the Bafa Lake, Didim is at the same time the habitat of numerous bird species.

Fishing being the primary occupation of the town, it is highly recommended not to leave Didim before trying the delicious dishes of the Aegean cuisine. Indeed, Didim is one of the centers where you can find the freshest seafood and best olive oil.

Thanks to its mild climate, it is possible to do water sports even in winter. The area is particularly suitable for scuba diving and outdoor sports.

Are you ready to get acquainted with Didim, the magic town that has enchanted so many visitors and made them stay for good?


Shaped by the hand of nature and history, Didim provides for entertainment and unforgettable moments through a variety of festivals.

Organized in October, the International Didim Olive Festival aims to contribute to the promotion and preservation of olive, one of the most important natural sources of the province. Seightseeing tours are also organized beside many other activities during the festival.

The Didim Peace Festival is held by the end of August and hosts many colorful activities. The festival invites you to partake in the competitions, exhibitions and concerts organized as part of the program.

If you wish to see Didim and attend these joyful activities, we recommend you to check your agenda as soon as possible.

How can I get there?

Didim is located in the Aegean Region where the transportation system is well advanced. The airport in Izmir is at the disposal of all passengers who prefer air travel. Furthermore, the region is accessible via intercity bus service from all major cities in Turkey.

Having arrived at Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport, you can continue to Didim, which lies in the vicinity of Aydın and the city center, by taking a short trip either by bus or rental car.

There are bus lines from all major cities to Aydın where you can take any of the transportation vehicles leaving to Didim.

We wish you a pleasant trip to the heart of nature where you will spend your next holiday.


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