Eğirdir Lake

General Information

Eğirdir lake; an amazing place shaped by the skillful hand of nature is found in the city famous for raising the most beautiful varieties of roses in Turkey.

Situated at the Turkish Lakeland, Eğirdir is the fourth biggest lake in Turkey with a history dating back to B.C.E.

Wouldn’t you like to explore this unique place where history meets nature?


Famous for its natural beauty, Eğirdir Lake is found in Isparta and hosts thousands of visitors every year. This natural region, formed as a tectonic lake amid the Sultan and Karakuş mountains is also the habitat of numerous species.

This big lake, home to Can Ada (Can Island) and Yeşil Ada (Green Island) offers you an unforgettable experience with its cozy restaurants and cafes and the spectacular beauty of its scenery.

Covered in part with reeds and water lilies, Eğirdir Gölü hosts 91 plant species. Hosting also more than 150 kinds of birds, this rich lake is a highly inviting place of attraction.

The lake has also a variety of fish species and fisheries which are an important source of income for the locals. There are many restaurants in the region where you can get a taste of these delicious fish. In the summer you can enjoy the sun and the beach either at the coastline or on the islands found in the lake.

Eğridir, as one of the most pristine places, is located at a geography that allows its visitors to indulge in many sporting activities. Hiking, mountain climbing, paragliding, horse-back riding, hunting, biking, swimming, angling and many more adventurous sports can be done around the lake.

Eğirdir Lake, one of the untouched beauties of the Mediterranean Region is ready to welcome you anytime in the year!

How can I get there?

Isparta, situated in the western Mediterranean Region is an easy place to get to.

Süleyman Demirel Airport in Isparta with its direct flights to and from the big cities can be your first choice.

You can also reach the city via bus from any city in Turkey. Once you get to the city you can take the public transportation to get to Eğirdir Lake.

Do not forget to take your camera with you if you are ready to take time out in nature.

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