Extreme Sports

Adventures sports have been popular since the 1990s and are now an official recognized pastime and form of tourism. Providing natural adrenaline rushes, the surge normally comes from fast speed, high heights or an ability to use effectively use equipment to propel the body out of its comfort zone.

Also known as extreme sports, the activity can take place on land, water or in the air. Adventure tourism is something that Turkey excels at and the government is intent on promoting themselves to the international tourism market.


Parachuting, the most enjoyable way of flying, is quite common in the southern regions of Turkey. Activities such as paragliding, free-fall parachuting and acrobatic parachuting will boost your adrenaline.

How about taking off from high altitude in Fethiye, Mount Erciyes in Kayseri, Pamukkale or Efes and experiencing the joy of floating in the void!?

If the above sports do not satisfy your need for adrenaline, take a look at white water rafting in Antalya, mountain biking of the Mediterranean coast, horse safaris in Cappadocia or skiing in Uludag. The ultimate adventure sport in Turkey and test of determination is mountaineering on Mount Ararat, the suspected location of where Noah’s ark landed.  The unmarked trails and gruelling weather conditions means the sport should only be attempted by experienced mountaineers.


The weather conditions, mountainous terrain and turquoise coasts make Turkey the perfect place for a paragliding vacation. Oludeniz is one of the top paragliding spots in the world.

Paragliding sport is to take off by means of running from a high hill instead of plane with a parachute similar to free style jumping parachute on the first look.

Parachute, which is lied on a inclined and high hill, is filled with air with the running of pilot and take off with pilot. Periods of the flights can continue for kilometers / hours in connection with experience of the pilot and performance of the materials used. Although it can be for single person, there is two persons wings.

Paragliding parachute wing structure had reached to its appropriate shape for easy to take off, slowly descending ratio and good flying performance, beginning from 1980s.

For paragliding lower age limit is 16 and upper limit is 55. You can be flexible for upper age limit according to health condition. Kilo limit is minimum 40 kg, and maximum 130. Epilepsy, asthma, heart, waist and keel disordered persons can not participate to hillside parachute training. For participation to hillside parachute a form declaring that health conditions are appropriate is filled.

Paragliding sport in Turkey had been recognized with the discover by foreign pilots of Mount Babadag in Fethiye, Oludeniz region at the beginning of 1990s, and actively started in university clubs initially.

Some of the most popular flight zones for paragliding in Turkey; Oludeniz, Pamukkale, Kas, Egirdir, Golbasi, Abant Mountains, Inonu, Ali Mountain.

Oludeniz: Serious thrill seekers will relish the opportunity to paraglide from 1900 metres from the Babadag mountains over the spectacular lagoon of Oludeniz.

Kas: Kas is situated in a fantastic location for paragliding, which can be done any time between April and October.


Snowboarding in Turkey is gaining popularity real quick. The breathtaking stunts of the snowboarders not only attract their own kind but also numerous spectators, who gather to watch the snowboarders in action.

Fun for kids and adults, the slopes of Turkey offer a brilliant view. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people travel to Turkey's slopes for a winter holiday.

Turkey is the destination of choice for snowboarders and skiers who want to test their limits. A really happening scene for the discerning.

There are eighteen ski centres in Turkey, located in the highlands and all offer skiing and snowboarding training and equipment hire. The season usually runs from December through to early April, but this varies depending on snowfall.

Turkey, the origins of snowboarding discovered. The Kackar Mountains in the Black Sea region of Turkey is the birthplace of snowboarding.

The villagers have been standing on planks of wood and sliding down the slopes of the Kackar Mountains, in the northeast of Turkey, since well before the start of the 20th century.

Uludag Ski Resort, Kartalkaya Ski Resort, Palandoken Ski Centre, Sarikamis Ski Centre, Erciyes Ski Centre, Ilgaz Mountain Ski Resort, Kartepe Ski Centre, Davraz Ski Centre and Saklikent Ski Resort are also some of the greatest places to go for snowboarding in Turkey.


Turkey is one of the best windsurfing destinations in the world. If you have ever wanted to learn windsurfing, Turkey is a great place to start this exciting and exhilarating sport.

The windsurfing holidays in Turkey make this exciting and exhilarating sport accessible to everybody. If you have ever wanted to learn windsurfing, Turkey is a great place to start. Cesme and Alacati are both popular for windsurfing.

Alacati is one of the best windsurfing destinations in the world. The bays around Cesme, Foca, Bodrum and Datca peninsula, as well as Antalya, have ideal wind conditions for windsurfing.

Turkey's Aegean shores are among the best windsurfing and kite surfing areas in the Mediterranean.

The coastal plain enjoys an exceptionally mild climate, with soft, verdant springs, hot summers, sunny autumns and warm winters marked by occasional showers. Summer months are ideal for windsurfing and sun bathing.

Alacati is the Turkish windsurf riviera has it all; countless easy-to-access spots for beginners to find their footing and great nightlife.

With its 330 strong windy days suitable for windsurf and best Aegean-Turkish cuisine, Alacati, might be the perfect place for you. We are sure that you will enjoy its crystal clear, turquoise waters whether a surfer or not.

Some of the excellent places to go windsurfing in Turkey; Akyaka, Akyarlar Lighthouse, Alacati Beach, Bitez Cove, Datca Peninsula, Foca, Gokceada, Gumusdere Beach, Ilica Beach, Kadikalesi, Mimarsinan, Pirlanta Beach, Teos Seferihisar Akkum Beach, Turgutreis, Tuzla.

Sea Kayaking

Sea kayaking around the secluded bays and ancient ruins of Turkey. The coastline of south-west Turkey, where the Aegean Sea meets the Mediterranean Sea, is a paradise for sea kayakers.

There is no other backdrop that compares to paddling around the coastal water of the Mediterranean and Aegean coast of Turkey. Sea kayaking is one of the most exciting and fun ways to explore the rocky coastline and caves of Turkey's beautiful turquoise coast.

One of the most popular destinations is Kas where you can literally kayak through, in and over the Lycian ruins of the sunken city. History and monuments to great civilizations litter the coast lines and kayaking gives you the one of the most relaxed adventures you could imagine.

Come and explore the shores of Turkey visiting quiet bays, coves and beaches.

Even if the weather is fine in the morning it does not mean that it will stay that way all day. Check the weather forecast or ask a local before you leave. If the clouds darken and start to gather, it is a good idea to head back. Tell someone where you are going too, and remember lifejackets.

No previous kayaking experience is required as there is nothing technical in steering these light but stable craft. After an important safety briefing, most are paddling well within a few hours. You will however need to be reasonably fit.

Sea kayaking is about journeying. Sea kayaking is about exploring. Sea kayaking is about sharing experiences and memories with others. There is more to sea kayaking than just paddling.

The main reasons and factors that make sea kayaking attractive in a specific area are, sea and weather, regional attractions, prices, organization, safety, professional teams, equipment.


Rafting, a team sport aimed at steering a raft without getting overturned among wild waves, is a popular sports activity in many locations from north to south of Turkey.

Rivers with varying degrees of difficulty from 1 to 6 such as Manavgat Koprulu River in Antalya province, Firtina River in Rize and Coruh River in Artvin province invite rafting enthusiasts to embark on a rafting adventure and revel in the foaming waters.

Whitewater rafting is perhaps the most popular adventure sport as it is great for groups of friends who want to challenge nature and have maximum fun. Whitewater rafting can be enjoyed all year round.

Turkey, with its rich natural resources and hundreds of rivers, provides great opportunities for water sports like whitewater river rafting and canoeing, while always respecting the cultural, historical and environmental qualities of the country.

Probably the most famous of Turkey's site for this exciting activity, is the Coruh River, in Turkey's stunning Black Sea Region, in the province of Artvin, which attracts both local and international sportsmen. It is one of the fastest flowing rivers in the world, as it travels its 466 km from its origins at 3225 metres in the Mescit Mountains to the Black Sea, over the border in Georgia.

The Coruh River is renowned internationally as one of the fastest flowing in the world. It is not just the waters which are exhilarating but also the surrounding mountain scenery which is rich in wildlife including rare red vultures, bear, goats, wild boars and wolves. Serious thrill seekers will face the rapids on the Coruh River.

The Firtina River in the Black Sea region is also popular for river sports as is the Koprulu River in the Mediterranean region and the Manavgat in the same region.


Turkey provides great opportunities for water sports like canoeing, with its rich natural resources and hundreds of beautiful rivers. Today, canoeing has become particularly popular in Turkey and it needs good physical exercise to succeed in it.

Turkey offers fantastic canoeing sections, river and lake systems and more adventurous routes. The best season for canoeing is the all year round, some rivers are suitable for canoeing throughout the year.

Canoeing is an outdoor activity that involves a special kind of canoe. Some canoes are called kayaks. When exactly a canoe can be called a kayak is difficult to determine though, and often arbitrary.

If you do not have your own canoe or kayak, there are plenty of places to hire one, for example campsites, hotels and tour operators. Also, there are organised paddling tours as well as courses for beginners.

In Turkey, there are many organized areas to practise canoeing. The most common canoe boats in Turkey are the two paddled canoes. In Turkey, canoeing can be practised in Fethiye, Kas, Kalkan, Gocek, Dalaman, Didim and Kusadasi.

Scuba Diving 

Come and explore our turquoise coastline that has it all – rich underwater fauna, caves, and shipwrecks thousands of years old. That is why scuba divers often call Turkey as the wonderland.

Turkey is the best place to go scuba diving with its turquoise waters and submerged world. Divers can discover underwater caverns, sunken ships and even the remains of ancient cities. If you just prefer a different perspective, you will enjoy exploring Turkey's sights underwater.

Scuba diving has really taken off in Turkey in recent years, partly due to the clear, warm waters visibility of 30 metres is not uncommon and the wealth of historic and natural treasures to be observed under the water.

But also because, compared to many other destinations, Turkey represents excellent value for money. The diving season usually runs from April to November. Marmaris, Fethiye, Kas and Antalya are some of the main centres.

Turkey attracts particular attention for its diving centres in the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea and the natural beauty of the seas. Numerous diving centres and their experienced teams will open doors to a whole new world where you can experience a different dimension of freedom.

Diving schools throughout the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts catering for everyone from beginners to experts.

Turkish turquoise waters usually offer superb visibility and many treasures. Within the seas of Turkey, divers can discover a fascinating submerged world, from underwater caverns to sunken ships and even the remains of ancient cities.

On a visit to Turkey you can expect to find warm, clear waters and a large number of dive sites. The underwater scenery is varied and interesting, with tunnels, caverns and rocky pinnacles providing divers with plenty to explore.

There are also a lot of wrecks along the Turkish coast, both recent and modern. However many of these sites are protected by law so cannot be dived on, although more are being opened up with time. It is also common to find the remains of pottery and amphora while you are diving.

A great variety of fish species, coral reefs, wrecks and all other underwater beauties are waiting to welcome diving lovers at diving destinations such as Kas in Antalya province, Cesme in Izmir province and Bodrum in addition to Fethiye in Mugla province.


What is your next summer adventure? Kiteboarding? Turkey has the perfect spots for kiteboarding and much more. Turkey is home of summer fun and kiteboarding.

Kiteboarding is an exciting water sport for the new millennium. Kiteboarding in Turkey gradually developing. If you are looking for turquoise blue waters, sunshine and reliable winds, Turkey is the perfect place to enjoy great kiteboarding conditions.

For non-kitesurfers and those rare no-wind days, there are great beaches and plenty of over activities in Turkey.

In terms of wind, some of the best and most favourite spots for kiteboarding in Turkey are Gokova Bay, Ayvalik, Gokceada Island, Alacati, Pirlanta Beach, Urla, Bodrum, Fethiye, Finike, Patara, Tasucu, Yumurtalik, Didim, Side and Sinop Akliman. Kiteboarding can also be practiced in other mainland beaches.

While you are in Turkey you can improve your kitesurfing skills with many kiteboarding clubs for all levels. The Turkish kiteboarding centers are located in various beaches in Turkey and are renting the necessary equipment but also offering kitesurfing courses.

Some of the best clubs are located in Mugla, Balikesir, Canakkale, Antalya, Izmir and Sinop. Come and discover why Turkey is the hottest new kitesurfing destination.

Gokova Bay: Gokova is just like a paradise for kiteboarding. In Gokova you don't need to worry about the wind, it is as reliable as clockwork.

Ayvalik: Ayvalik offers flat water, a huge shallow playground with reliable and thermally accelerated winds.

Gokceada Island: Gokceada is Turkeys largest island. The sea is totally free of any kind of pollution.

Alacati: Alacati is a charming resort, one of Europe's top kitesurf locations and the perfect place for kiteboarders to enjoy great kiteboarding conditions.


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