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Gökçeada: Gökçeada is Turkey's largest island located in Çanakkale province. The westernmost tip called İncirburnu is at the same time the westernmost tip of Turkey.

Located on the northern end of the Aegean Sea, this island, noted for its original architecture and friendly inhabitants will become your favorite holiday destination.

Gökçeada has numerous beaches, historic locations, boutique hotels and lovely restaurants, and can be visited four seasons of the year thanks to its favorable climate.

The island is not only known as one of the regions where the most organic and tasty olives and olive oil are produced but also for sheep and goat rearing. Naturally, Gökçeada has made a name for itself for its delicious dishes made of the meat from the cattle raised naturally.

The site of many activities, Gökçeada is ever ready to welcome you!


Located near to the inlet of Saros Bay, Gokceada is one of the several islands popular for its scenic beauty, tasty dishes and location by the magnificent Aegean Sea.

Surrounded with golden beaches like Aydıncık and Yuvalı and blue bays such as Laz Koyu, Gizli Liman, Yıldız Koy and Marmaros, Gökçeada is the ideal location for visitors who wish to enjoy the sun and the sea.

Peynir Kayalıkları, named “Cheese Rocks” for their resemblance to large cheese molds piled up on one another, is a place that can be seen by taking a boat tour. The Gökçeada rock tombs, on the other hand, are comprised of two graves carved into a huge rock. The graves are located in the southern region of the island and the era to which they belong is unknown.

Nestled on a high hill with a panoramic view of the island, Tepeköy Çinaralti offers the opportunity to delight in the magnificent landscape while resting under the centuries old sycamore trees.

Do not neglect to visit Tuz (Salt) Lake situated near to the beaches. The lake meets the need for salt and it is well known that its mud has a healing effect on a variety of ailments.

Turkey's first underwater national park is located here. Located in Yıldızkoy district, this park is rich in underwater diversity as it is positioned right at the connection point of two seas. A perfect place for snorkeling, this site is certainly worth the visit.

You will love to stroll through the narrow historical streets adorned with lovely houses and fragrant trees of the old Greek villages spread across the island. The cafes, stone roads, churches and many more structures are in perfect match with the texture of the island and make up a perfect setting for taking photos.

You can spend a pleasant time in nature swimming in the clear waters of the Aegean Sea and doing watersports such as diving, windsurfing or kitesurfing.

Popular for its olive trees, Gökçeada offers a wide range of natural products and delicacies. Do not miss the opportunity to taste the numerous dishes made of olive oil, fresh fish and the island’s herbs.

Mentioned as Poseidon’s abode in Homer's Iliad, Gökçeada welcomes its guests with great generosity.

How can I get there?

Located in Çanakkale province, transportation to Gökçeada is provided only by sea.

As there is no airport in the city for the time being, Çanakkale is reachable only by bus or by car. There are ferries and car ferries leaving from Çanakkale to Gökçeada.

The Kabataş harbor positioned on the road to Gelibolu(Gallipoli) Peninsula offers the most frequent passages to the island.

Are you ready to get acquainted with Gökçeada, Turkey's most popular holiday resort?

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