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Marmaris: A splendid holiday resort with a history dating back to 12 thousand BC, surrounded by a lush green forests of pine trees and the deep blue sea stretching in front of it, Marmaris bedazzles its visitors also with its splendid marina.

Thanks to the excavation works conducted in the region it is possible to follow the traces of a variety of civilizations that have settled and ruled the area since the ancient times.

Named Physkos in the ancient times, the seaside town is located in the province of Mugla at the intersection of the Aegean and Mediterranean region. Due to the variety of harbors and bays located in the area, Marmaris has been a central port of maritime trade for centuries.

Offering different natural wonders and tourist attractions in every corner Marmaris has a mild Mediterranean climate. While the summers are hot and dry the winters are mild and rainy. It is possible to enjoy the sea also during off season as the humidity in the air is quite high.

Marmaris will captivate you with its historical heritage, natural beauty and shining sun in addition to its entertaining night life and pristine bays.

Home to national parks and forests and beaches with blue flags, Marmaris is ready to welcome you any time of year!


Marmaris, which has flourished over the centuries with the bountiful contributions of nature and history, aims to promote its natural and historical riches with the organization of events and festivals.

The Marmaris International Race Week is held in late October every year with the participation of contesting boats from all around the world.

Apart from that, the International Marmaris Maritime and Spring Festival organized annually in May with participants from all over the world, is celebrated with various activities such as competitions, concerts and dance shows.

Held in June every year, the Marmaris Motorcycle Festival is an international festival offering a rich program including motorcycle driving tours and concerts.

Many more activities and concerts are waiting for you in Marmaris. Vacationers who want to spend a good time should not miss attending the festivals.


Bridging the Aegean and the Mediterranean region and extant since the ancient times, Marmaris is a major holiday resort where vacationers will experience unforgettable moments.

It is possible to sightsee the relics of the ancient cities that have been established in Marmaris since 12 thousand BC. The historical and cultural monuments of the ancient cities of Physcos, Loryma, Amos, Saranda, Cedra, Hydas, Castabus, Erine, Bybassios and Euthenna shed light on the history of the region.

One of the major cities of quite a many empires, Marmaris attracts attention particularly for its exquisite structures exemplifying the Ottoman architecture.

Marmaris Castle, built by the Ionians was put through improvement works during the Rhodes campaign of Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. The castle is still well-preserved in the present day.

Serving as the Marmaris Museum nowadays, the castle bears a large collection of artifacts from the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods. Moreover, the incredible view of the castle is pleasant to watch particularly during sunset.

Hafza Sultan Caravanserai, Kisayali Bridge, Sariana Tomb and Ibrahim Agha Mosque are among the must-see historic buildings of the Ottoman period.

Another appealing aspect of Marmaris is the variety of blue cruise tours offered in the region. Boat or blue cruise enthusiasts should not miss the chance to partake in one of the blue cruise tours departing from Marmaris.

A variety of bays and seaside resorts such as Cennet Adasi (Paradise Island), Fosforlu Magara (Phosphorous Cave), Turunc, Kumlubük, Icmeler, Günnücek, Sedir Adasi (Cedar Island) and Yalanci Bogaz are waiting to welcome their visitors.

Furthermore, the most delicious Turkish specialties are awaiting you in Marmaris. Delicacies ranging from seafood to mezes (appetizers), specially prepared and arranged, are served at a great variety of restaurants.

Offering fantastic beaches and coves beyond perfection, Marmaris will mesmerize you and draw you to its deep blue seas. Do not miss the chance to explore Marmaris.

How can I get there?

Marmaris is situated in the province of Mugla which has highly advanced transportation facilities.  The holiday resort is accessible in a short time both via airway or highway.

Mugla Dalaman Airport receiving direct flights from nearly all cities in Turkey is very close to all the districts located in Mugla province. The shuttle services and other transportation vehicles stationed outside the exit gates of the airport will take you to Marmaris within a short time.

Positioned at the intersection point of the Aegean and Mediterranean Region, Marmaris can be easily reached via highway. There are shuttle busses from almost every province of Turkey to Muğla. Travelers to Marmaris can take the shuttle services leaving from Mugla Central Bus Terminal to Marmaris.

Once in Marmaris, vacationers will surely enjoy the unique nature and quaint history of this holiday resort.


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