Turkey Image Campaign

Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekçi spearheaded, TIM and TOBB acted for the foreign perception of our country.

Global companies that believe in and trust our country tell their own Turkish stories to their citizens.

The campaign aims to reach 500 million direct accesses in 7 countries.
Under the leadership of Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekçi, the Turkey Image Campaign, which will be carried out abroad with TIM coordination and TOBB business union, was introduced with the launching event in Çırağan Palace. T.C. Minister of Economy Nihat Zeybekçi, President of TIM Mehmet Büyükekşi, TOBB Vice President Halim Mete, representatives of civil society and business world and top level executives of companies operating globally.

Thanks to the campaign, a strong response will also be made in an effort to create a negative perception carried out against Turkey in the recent period abroad. The campaign launched under the leadership of the Ministry of Economy is aimed at strengthening the potential belief that the stable economy of Turkey will survive the terrorist attacks and terrorist attacks in 2016.

Campaign aiming at ending Turkey's international position and reputation; It will include seven countries with nearly 40 percent of Turkey's exports, including the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Russia and the United Arab Emirates. All of the work will be managed from Turkey. Within the scope of the campaign, the videos prepared with senior executives of foreign institutions and organizations in Turkey in the first stage will be shown in seven countries. From today, for two days, we will be showing promotional films on Turkish TVs.

The beliefs and beliefs of the top executives of 16 international brands and the videos they convey from their mouths, 'Turkey faces the eye of foreign friends, heart and language'. The biggest difference from other countries' campaigns is the campaign to be carried out abroad, especially in countries with high share of Turkey's exports; The facts of Turkey will be told from the mouths of the Turkish businessmen, not in the eyes of the businessmen of Turkey, but in the eyes of the managers of foreign institutions and organizations who are operating in Turkey, who believe in the potential of our country and continue to invest in their businesses.

The Minister of Economy Nihat Zeybekçi, who explains the details of the project and explains the contribution of our country to his perception abroad, expressed that our foreign friends living in Turkey are not foreigners at all and that they should not be described as 'traveling companions' As a Turkey that has been integrated with Turkey, we have experienced times when we can not feel that we have lived and we have seen that our friends have had difficulty in recognizing that they live. Broadcasters in friendly countries use expressions that do not get their consent. But even if it is difficult, the inner face of what we live in Turkey needs to be explained in the most correct way. But it is hard for us to tell us. We need to tell our friends who are with us. Therefore; Come and share your own story with us, we said. Our campaign will start in 7 countries in the first place. Then we will grow even bigger. "

Minister Zeybekçi who expressed that we should be ready for nifak or corruption; "Terrorist organizations are nemalanmadan empty space. We will not allow terrorist organizations to win. We will gather our friends from all over the world and we will not fall into the trap. We will continue to tell ourselves, our facts, without being tired of ourselves. Our work will not be limited to these. As the Minister of Economy, we will personally explain our investment incentive system to the leading actors in the world, and we will pass on the advantages of Turkey. This is the project to create our own giants as Turkey. "

Speaking at the meeting, TİM President Mehmet Büyükekşi stated that the vision of the President of the Republic of Turkey, "Today we will not tell ourselves. Our friends who know us, who believe in us, who trust this country will tell us. We play our perception game on our country, we will defeat our country's efforts to defame "he said.

Referring to the fact that there are many negative incidents in our country and neighboring countries in 2016, TİM President; "Be sure that if one in ten of these events lived in another country, the economy of that country would be upset. But thanks to the unity and solidarity of our nationality and its strong economic production, we are all aware of the survival of these people. " Referring to the fact that Turkey is an investment attraction center and that the biggest players in the sectors of the global economy are investing in our country, Büyükekşi said, "They are all friends of successful international organizations. And this business and destiny partners have a story of Turkey. There are separate experiences in our country. They tell you about their own stories and experiences. "

Finally, TOBB Vice-President Halim Mete; "Our country has been tried to be transformed into a country that is only called by terrorist events; But unity and unity did not deteriorate. After the terrorist events we experienced last year and the July 15 coup attempt, we held consultations with our national and international counterparts, organized events and tried to tell ourselves. This campaign, carried out under the leadership of Economy Minister, is very valuable for all of us. How powerful you are is as important as how you are perceived. We do not trust in Turkey, we start the perception perception campaign, we trust Turkey, we trust our economy, we give the messages. We say this as the leaders of the business world investing in Turkey. I would like to thank all the companies that have contributed, the Ministry of Economy and the TIM.

The campaign aims to reach 500 million direct accesses in 7 countries.


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