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Cumalıkızık: Home to the most beautiful specimens of traditional Ottoman architecture and a lush green town in the heart of nature.

Cumalikizik was originally an Ottoman settlement nestled at the slopes of Mount Uludağ in the province of Bursa about 700 years ago.

Bursa is an ideal route of discovery if you want to get steeped in history and explore the trails of ancient Anatolian culture.


One of the first Ottoman settlements in Bursa province, Cumalıkızık is perhaps at the top of the list of most visited spots highly praised for its unique architecture.

The elongated streets from the time of early settlement, the various houses and fountains have turned the settlement into a great village. The traditional houses that survived from the ancient times are noted for their stability and are still livable in the present day.

Housing a total of 270 buildings, 180 of which are still settled today, the historical streets of Cumalikızık are very inviting to tourists who want to feast their eyes on traditional Ottoman architecture.

The two or three-story houses are either made of rubble, stone, brick or wood. Painted in white, yellow, purple and blue the houses are nestled in the heart of nature.

The Cumalikizik Ethnography Museum and Art House showcasing furniture, lighting, heating and kitchen appliances, farm implements and many of weapons is another tourist attraction where vistors can get informed on the history of the region.

Estimated to have been made 300 years ago, the Cumalikizik Mosque is another historical structure that must be visited. The restored wooden ceiling and altar are worth to sightsee.

Cumalikizik Hamam and Zekiye Hatun Fountain are two more locations bearing the traces of the history. The village is also known for its ancient sycamore trees located at the entrance of the village. Witnesses to history, these ancient sycamore trees contribute to the fairytale atmosphere of the village.

Cumalıkızık with its cobblestoned streets and houses and stones bearing the stories of the past, is considered a typical specimen of traditional town architecture of the Ottomans.

We recommend you to plan your journey in advance if you want to witness this enigmatic town.


Having preserved its original state since the ancient times, Cumalıkızık entertains guests, who have come to witness its 700 year old history, with a variety of festivals.

The Cumalikizik Raspberry Festival, held in June every year, introduces the delicious raspberries grown in the region in addition to the nature and culture of the area. The festival comprises a variety of activities and is highly inviting.

How can I go there?

Situated in the Marmara Region, Cumalikizik is an easily accessible destination with convenient transportation means.

Bursa can be accessed from Istanbul via bus or sea bus. Moreover, the region is reachable via highway from all cities in Turkey. Cumalikizik is located only 10 km away from Bursa city center and can be accessed by taking one of the minibuses or public busses leaving from Bursa bus terminal to Cumalikizik.

Are you ready to explore this magnificent destination where history and nature harmonize?


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