• The Basilica Cistern is located in close proximity to the Haghia Sophia, in Eminönü. The...

  • Topkapi Palace, which was used as the administrative and domicile center of the Ottoman Empire...

  • Istanbul's 400-year-old Sultan Ahmed Cami Mosque, otherwise known as the Blue Mosque for its blue-tiled...

  • Hagia Sophia, which has been called the 8th wonder of the world, is one of...

Rising Turkey

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Culture & Art

  • Traditions and Heritage
    From rituals on special days to family relations, Turkish society still largely adheres to native customs and traditions in many areas of social life. From rituals on special days to...
  • Museums
    The unequaled works of art and remains belonging to the many civilizations and societies that left their mark in Turkey are preserved across the centuries to welcome today’s visitors. Shedding...
  • Architecture
    THE GREAT ARCHITECT SINAN (KOCA MIMAR SINAN) Sinan is considered the greatest Ottoman architect of the Ottoman Empire's Architectural heritage. It is generally assumed that Sinan was born in the...

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