Rising Turkey

  • THY and Dr. Oz Super Bowl

    Turkish Airlines, which announced its cooperation with Mehmet Oz for the Super Bowl 2018 with a teaser that we published...


    Blue Man Group, the phenomenal crew named after the enigmatic bald and blue character of their own creation, will be...

  • İzmir’s ‘virtual museum’ displays masterpieces

    A cooperation between the French Cultural Institute in İzmir and Parc de la Villette, one of the largest cultural centers...

  • 2018: Troia’s Year

    The 20th anniversary of Troia's entry into the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list in 2018 was called "Troia Year" in...

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Culture & Art

  • Traditional Arts and Crafts
    Handicrafts Handicrafts have been around since man’s earliest days in accordance with the prevailing environmental conditions. The first examples were necessities such as protection or coverings. Handicrafts were later improved...
  • Turkish Ebru Art
    Ebru is a traditional Turkish art of paper decoration by spreading paints, which do not dissolve in water, with brushes made of horse hair and rose wood on dense water...
  • Miniature Work
    MINIATURE WORK This is the name given to the art of producing very finely detailed, small paintings. In Europe in the Middle Ages, handwritten manuscripts would be decorated by painting...

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