Rising Turkey

  • 30 August Victory Day

    Victory Day (local name: Zafer Bayramı) on August 30 is a national holiday in Turkey to commemorate the victory in...

  • Turkey’s Göbeklitepe added to UNESCO heritage list

    Göbeklitepe, a site in southeastern Turkey hailed as the world’s oldest temple, has been added to UNESCO World Heritage list,...

  • ‘A Place for Art’ exhibition at Bomontiada

    Doğuş Group’s social responsibility platform ‘A Place for Art’ has opened a joint exhibition at Istanbul’s Bomontiada. The exhibition, featuring...

  • Learn Turkish Online

    Yunus Emre Enstitüsü's "Distance Turkish Instruction Portal", implemented in February 2017, has reached nearly 100 thousand users. Yunus Emre Enstitüsü...

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Culture & Art

  • Traditional Arts and Crafts
    Handicrafts Handicrafts have been around since man’s earliest days in accordance with the prevailing environmental conditions. The first examples were necessities such as protection or coverings. Handicrafts were later improved...
  • Turkish Ebru Art
    Ebru is a traditional Turkish art of paper decoration by spreading paints, which do not dissolve in water, with brushes made of horse hair and rose wood on dense water...
  • Miniature Work
    MINIATURE WORK This is the name given to the art of producing very finely detailed, small paintings. In Europe in the Middle Ages, handwritten manuscripts would be decorated by painting...
  • Traditions and Heritage
    From rituals on special days to family relations, Turkish society still largely adheres to native customs and traditions in many areas of social life. From rituals on special days to...
  • Religious Festivals
    The main reason why religious festivals are not celebrated on the same days every year is because they are calculated according to the lunar calendar called “kameri takvim”. Ramadan and...
  • Architecture
    THE GREAT ARCHITECT SINAN (KOCA MIMAR SINAN) Sinan is considered the greatest Ottoman architect of the Ottoman Empire's Architectural heritage. It is generally assumed that Sinan was born in the...

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