Heart of design beats in Istanbul!

Design Week Turkey hosted 30.000 thousand visitors, 62 speakers and 11 exhibits from 6 countries in 5 weeks!

Design Week Turkey, which took place the first time in this year with cooperation of Republic of Turkey Ministry of Economy and Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) and gathered international design world between October 19-23, hosted more than 30.000 visitors within 5 days. Held in Lütfi Kırdar Congress and Exhibition Hall, Design Week Turkey gathered innovative products, workshops, valuable names from design world, universities, contests and exhibitions from all over the world.

More than 30.000 academicians, students, professionals and design-enthusiasts had the chance to follow industrial design, fashion and visual communication design trends in Turkey and the world in Design Week Turkey within 5 days.

Held under cooperation of T.R. Ministry of Economy and TIM and strategical partnership of Arçelik, Ford Otosan, Seranit Grup and Şişecam, Design Week Turkey displayed everything there is about design for visitors during 5 weeks in İstanbul Lütfi Kırdar Congress Center and Exhibition Hall. Design Week Turkey included products of Turquality firms which create difference in design, panels and speeches, where pioneers of fashion, industrial design and visual communication design shared their experiences and trends, international exhibitions, Design Turkey Industrial Design Awards exhibition and Prize-Giving Ceremony, Turkish and Foreign design offices, world's best design schools that made a name for themselves in design, workshops and product exhibitions of finalists of exporter unions' design contests.

Distinguished names from design world met with the audience in conference and panels of Design Week Turkey.

Numerous names met with the audience in Design Week Turkey such as world-famous fashion designer Hussein Chalayan, Atıl Kutoğlu, Ayşe and Ece Ege, Zuzanna Skalska, Ezra and Tuba Çetin, Paul Cohen, Pınar Demirdağ, David Grossman, MTD(President of Fashion Designers Association) and fashion designer Mehtap Elaidi, fashion designers Aslı Filinta, Gül Ağış and Zeynep Tosun, world-famous industrial designer Micheal Young, Patrick Rampelotto, Finnish shoe designer Minna Parikka, designer Anthony Bannwart, Andrea Cancellato, Sara Garanty, Sauli Suomela, Gökhan Akış, ETMK President Sertaç Ersayın, Dr. Yasuko Takayama and Yarosav Yakovlev.

Unstainable shirt, unimpeded access system that facilitates city life for the handicapped, visual reality experience and many other innovations were in Design Week Turkey!

Among attention-drawing innovative products in Design Week Turkey, there were unstainable and non-retentive shirt, unimpeded access system for the handicapped that can be used in every elevation difference, smart central heating boiler which can be remotely control when one is out, home-ware which can be controlled over wi-fi, furniture unit suitable for narrow spaces and can be used both as a bed and couch, smart medicine storage unit designed to prevent deaths due to medication errors in the world and electricity socket integrated seats.

Design Week Turkey also hosted colorful workshops.

Design Week Turkey also hosted many creative workshops such as return workshop with Patrick Rampelotto, 3D printer and scanner workshop and notebook and calligraphy workshop. Workshops conducted within the concept of design gathered young designers studying in different universities of Turkey and design students invited from abroad. Young designers coming from different cultures chased after creative design ideas under the leadership of well-known designers in workshops where they examined up-to-date design subjects.

Design Turkey Industrial Design Awards exhibition welcomed its visitors in Design Week Turkey.

In the opening of Design Week Turkey, Design Turkey Industrial Awards, which was held with the cooperation of T.R. Ministry of Economy, TIM and ETMK and is among the biggest award organizations held in the area of innovation and branding in Turkey, were granted to their owners. Among 350 industrial designs which were evaluated by an international jury that involves more than 30 design authorities; 7 were entitled to Supreme Design, 36 entitled to Good Design and 7 entitled to Concept Design Awards. 7 products that were deemed worthy of Supreme Design Award were; Everest named cutlery designed by Ahmet Toplu for Karaca, Selamlique Encapsulated Turkish Coffee Machine designed by Nihat Duran for Arçelik, SBS Cosmos Flush Handle designed by Onur Onrat for Arçelik, living and working unit named Oblivion designed by Koray Malhan for Koleksiyon Furniture, modular sofa group designed by Giuseppe Manente and Abramo Mion for Koleksiyon Furniture, fountain-pen and roller ball pen series named Heritage designed by Kunter Şekercioğlu for Scrikks and Kestane Natural Spring Water Bottle designed by Eda Yılmaz for Şişecam.

Exhibitions from all over the world welcomed visitors in Design Week Turkey.

Design Week Turkey welcomed special collection exhibition which consisted of products themed 'accepting everyone' designed by Pınar Demirdağ and her Dutch partner Viola Renate under their Paris-based Pınar&Viola brand for IKEA Limited Print edition, a special selection of products from Beirut Design Week which is the biggest design festival of Middle East and Northern Afric region, Raw Exhibition which included names such as Daniel Widrig, Alcarol, Casa Laboratoria, Code Structured Skin, Marco Stefanelli, Füterstrasse (By Christoph Steiger) and Isaac Monte who were also in Milan Design Week 2016, "İzler/Traces" exhibition which brought Turkish handicraft to our day with the cooperation of Istanbul Fashion Academy and Dice Kayek, exhibition of Viana-based designer and artist Patrick Rampelotto which consists of lamps and different designs and which he designed with unique metal and plastic parts that he had bought from flea markets and special collections, ElektroCouture exhibition from Germany which gathers fashion and technology, banner exhibit of Italian Designer Pasquale Volpe named Good 50x70 that drew attention to main social facts such as global warming, environmental pollution, drought, child deaths and animal rights, Colour Emotions exhibition of Sara Garanty from Sweden and "Swedish Fashion Stories' journal from Sweden.

Exporters Unions Design Contests Special Award was won by TAQUA sea-taxi!

TAQUA sea-cab designed by Nurullah Taşkıran and Ilgaz Karaaslan by considering handicapped passengers and domestic animals won a special award in Design Week Turkey!

TAQUA was deemed worthy of special award by the jury with its outstanding design for the difference it brought in sea transport and environmental compact solution designed by considering the handicapped and domestic animals. Nurullah Taşkın, a designer of TAQUA, received the Exporters Unions Design Contests Special award from TIM President Mehmet Büyükekşi and Ship and Yacht Exporters Union President Başaran Bayrak.

For detailed information: www.designweekturkey.com

Source: www.tim.org.tr

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