Mountain Biking

For a ticket to adventure, bring your mountain bike. Turkey is a paradise for mountain biking with its lots of cycle routes on gravel roads, in the mountains and along rough cart roads.

Turkey is just like a paradise for mountain biking. Its dramatic natural landscape offers challenging and rewarding slick rock trails, lush green single track, ruins of ancient civilizations, canyons and secret paths to explore.

The mountain biking in and around Turkey is some of the best trail riding in Europe. There are no restrictions on using bikes on the routes of Turkey. Most of the routes are suitable for energetic mountain biking.

Mountain biking is possible at any time of the year in Turkey but best time between April and June or September and November.

Turkey offers excellent mountain biking holidays for local and foreign visitors.

Turkey is a peaceful country where you will always be surprised by the Turkish people's complaisance. You will be always invited by local people through the villages for a glass of tea. They just want to share some moment to show Turkish hospitality.

Mountain biking is quickly gaining popularity in Turkey as tourism type and sport.

Cappadocia is famous with her valleys not only for hiking and walking tour also for bicycle tours. Every year, International Cappadocia Bicycle Festival is organized in the region and many bikers from all around the world come to this spectacular region.

The Kackar Mountains are home to some of Turkey's most fantastic wildlife and you will be one of the first to ride these trails. This is true adventure for mountain biking lovers.

Explore the southern coast of Turkey, make sure that you will enjoy extraordinary rides and views of this beautiful coastline and feast on exquisite Turkish culinary delights cycling through the citrus perfumed countryside and along the Aegean and Mediterranean coast.


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