Turkey has become one of the top 4 countries that increased its brand value in 2013

According to the “Annual report on Nation Brands” published by world’s leading brand valuation consultancy Brand Finance, Turkey has become one of the top 4 countries that has increased its brand value in 2013. While Turkey’s nation brand value was worth 487 billion USD in 2012, this number climbed up to 688 billion USD in 2013.

The report identifies 4 areas that have a crucial role to play in leveraging and improving a Nation Brand’s ability to enhance GDP growth. These areas are investment, tourism, products & services, people & skills. Brand Finance Turkey Director Muhterem İlgüner said, “Turkey’s stable economy as well as its well performance in tourism, investments and product & services contributes greatly to its nation brand value.”

Turkey increased its brand value by 41% and is ranked 19th on the most valuable nation brands list in 2013.

According to the report, world’s number one nation brand is the United States of America with its 18 trillion USD brand value. The U.S. was followed by People’s Republic of China with its 6 trillion USD brand value.

Sources: http://www.kdk.gov.tr/

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