Turkey’s Foreign Aid has reached $6,4 billion in 2014 with a 47,3 percent increase

Turkey keeps sharing the power of her growing economy with less developed and developing countries. According to the data from Prime Ministry, Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA), Turkey´s official development assistance and private flows have reached $6,4 billion with a 47,3 percent increase.

Conducting development aids in cooperation with Prime Ministry, Turkish Development and Coordination Agency (TİKA), Turkey´s bilateral official development assistance reached $10,788 billion from 2004 to 2013. According to the Official Development Assistance Report 2014 of TİKA, Turkey´s Foreign Aid has reached $6,4 billion in 2014 with a 47,3 percent increase in comparison to 2013. Ranking amongst the leading countries in terms of humanitarian aid, Turkey has recorded a 8,6% increase in official development assistance (ODA) in comparison with 2012, reaching $3,591 billion.

ODA has increased 42 times in the last 12 years
Official development assistance which is regarded as one of the most important elements to foster interstate cooperation is a financial aid given by governments and other agencies to support the economic, environmental, social, and political development of developing countries. Extending her regional and global sphere of influence, Turkey has recorded a great increase in development aids. While the official development assistance was $85 million in 2002, Turkey boosted this figure to $3,591 billion in 2014.

Middle East benefits most from development aids
Turkey´s bilateral official development assistance in 2014 reached $3,501 billion. Middle East benefited most from the bilateral development assistance as it was the case in the last 3 years. This figure which includes the aids provided to our Syrian guests has reached $2,5 billion. South and Central Asia became the destination where Turkey provided the second biggest development aid which was followed by Africa with an aid of $383,3 million and the Balkans & Eastern Europe with an aid of $133,8 million.

Syria ranked first among the countries benefiting most from Turkey´s official development assistance in 2014 and it was followed by Tunisia, Kyrgyzstan, Somalia and Palestine.

Countries benefiting most from Turkey´s aids (2014; million USD)

Immediate humanitarian aid has the biggest share amongst aids
Turkey´s bilateral official development assistance can be assigned to such categories as Immediate Aids, Asylum Seekers, Aids for Projects and Programmes while immediate humanitarian aid has the biggest share amongst total aids in 2014 with 48%.

Turkey´s bilateral official development assistance by categories (2014; million USD)

In this context, Turkey provided $799.52 million aid to our guests from Syria, Afghanistan, Africa, Asia and Middle East in 2014.

Aids to less developed countries ongoing
Turkey keeps drawing international attention with her aids targeting the least developed countries (LDC). Turkey provided around $210 million aid with the least developed countries in 2014 and this figure reached $1,5 billion between 2008-2014. In this category, Somalia, Afghanistan, Yemen and Sudan became the top ranking countries benefiting most from these aids.

Aids provided by Turkey to the least developed countries (2008-2014; million USD)

Countries benefiting most from LDC aids (2014- (million USD)
Somalia: 74,35
Afghanistan: 65,23
Yemen: 10,05
Sudan: 9,36
Mauritania: 4,48
Burkina Faso: 4,14
Niger: 4,13
Myanmar (Burma): 4,12
Bangladesh: 3,70
Ethiopia: 3,65
Senegal: 2,85
Uganda: 2,02
Mali: 1,53

Direct Investments
One of the tools of development aids, Turkey keeps making direct investments all around the world. While Turkey´s capital outflow mainly concentrates in South and Central Asia like in the previous years, it is also very efficient in many regions such as Africa, Latin America, Europe and Far East. Turkey´s energy investment of $1,926 billion in Azerbaijan in 2014 stands out as one of the greatest investments of Turkey.

Aids from Turkish NGOs
On the other hand, total development aid provided by Turkish NGOs reached $368,28 million in 2014. Besides, funds transfer from Turkish state institutions and organizations to NGOs reached $40,72 million. Syria, Palestine, Somalia and Bosnia-Herzegovina rank among the leading countries where Turkish NGOs concentrate their activities.

Countries benefiting most from Turkish NGOs´ aids (2014; million USD)

World Humanitarian Summit to be held in Istanbul
Ranking amongst the most generous countries in terms of foreign aids, Turkey also takes initiative to organize international humanitarian aid-related events. In this connection, United Nations World Humanitarian Summit will be held in Istanbul on May 2016.

Sources: http://www.kdk.gov.tr/

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