Turkey’s international prestige gains strength with THY

Turkish Airlines (THY), which is the airline that flies to the highest number of countries in the world with 108 states, breaks the records with its growth rates in the recent years. THY, one of the dynamos of Turkey’s active foreign policy, flies the Turkish flag to 264 destinations, 219 of which are international lines. Contributing to Turkey’s publicity and diversifying Turkey’s foreign markets particularly in Africa, South America and Far East with new destinations, THY leads to new social and political initiatives.

THY was awarded the title of best airline in Europe for four consecutive years, and it increased its number of planes by 307%, number of passengers by 391%, and passenger capacity by 366% by the end of 2014 compared to 2005. While THY was flying to 55 countries 12 years ago, it increased the number of destination countries to 108 in 2015. Furthermore the number of destinations increased to 264 with an additional 160 new destinations in the last 12 years. With this figure, THY holds the title of airline that flies to the highest number of countries in the world. THY also maintains its assertiveness with regards to the international lines: the airline increased the number of passengers flew in international destinations by 531% in 12 years and 17% by annual average. Between 2003 and 2013, the number of tonnes of the cargo and mail it carried increased by 379% in total and 17% by annual average.

THY triples the world average growth rate
With the momentum it has caught in the last 12 years, THY ranked well above in global ratings by growing much faster than many of its rivals. Having increased its capacity and passenger number by an average of 17% annually between 2003 and 2013, THY has tripled the world average growth rate. According to the 2013 data, THY ranks 15th biggest airline in number of total passengers carried and 7th in number of passengers who flew in international lines in the world. Furthermore, in 2015, THY earned the title of largest 13th airline with a fleet of 261 planes.

The number of planes will reach to 293
Maintaining its increasing growth rate is one of THY´s goals in 2015. It is aimed that the number of passengers will reach to 63 million with an increase by 15%. In the last 12 years THY increased its touchdown points in Africa from 4 to 42 and it is planned that 8 new points will join to the current network.

THY has agreements with 33 different airlines from different regions and countries, and it is one of the most important elements of Turkey´s active foreign policy. When expanding its flight network, THY follows a growth strategy in line with the priorities of Turkish foreign policy, while it also minds the balance of demand. The political, cultural and economic partnerships established with numerous countries from different regions in recent years, the penned visa agreements, opening of new diplomatic missions, and THY’s commencing flights to these destinations, stand out as complementary improvements.

THY which had 11 destinations until 2002 in the Middle East, now flies to 34 destinations and it is planned that 2 additional destinations will be added to the network. The number of destinations to the US rose from 2 in 2002 to 10 in the last 12 years. 6 more destinations are planned to be included in the network. Having increased the number of destinations to Europe from 40 to 84, THY aims to the increase the number to 94 with new destinations. While there were 15 destinations in the Far East in 2002, the number rose to 45 with an additional 30 destinations in the last 12 years. 3 new destinations are expected to be added to the network.

Determined to strengthen its fleet, THY increased its number of airplanes to 261, from 65 in 2003. THY, which will increase its number of airplanes to 293 by the end of 2015, aims to have a fleet of 435 airplanes in 2021. The number of destinations will be 289 with 29 new planned ones and the number of destination countries will rise to 110. This year, it is expected that the number of passengers in international lines will rise to 37,1 million people by an increase of 16%.

29 new lines will join the flight network
THY plays a great role in the promotion of Turkey with its service quality and its communication activities reaching large segments; and it also helps in expanding Turkey´s foreign markets with new destinations in Africa, South America and Far East. Facilitating the transportation to a region leads to increase in economic and commercial activities. In this regard THY aims to add 29 new lines to its flight network.

Passenger numbers in İstanbul: 48 million
In parallel to the growth in Turkish aviation sector, İstanbul became one of the most important transit points in the world in international flights thanks to her two airports. İstanbul is a transition point between Europe, the Balkans, Africa, Middle East, Caucasus and Asia; and it is among the top 15 cities in the world with regards to international passenger capacity, number of flights and seat supply.

Having taken the advantage of İstanbul´s location, THY has increased the number of passengers who fly on international lines. The number of passengers that passed over Istanbul is expected to be 120 million people in 2023 compared to the 48 million in 2013.

Additionally, a capacity of 200 million passengers is aimed with the third airport which is still under construction. It is the biggest airport project in the world in terms of capacity and cost. THY, which is the leading firm of Turkish airline carrier sector, continues to aspire for more goals.

The rising brand of THY: TURKISH HABOM
Having realized one of the biggest projects in the history of Turkish civilian aviation, THY contributed the Center for Maintenance, Repair and Operations (HABOM) to aviation sector in the region and Turkey with its own funds. Inaugurated by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, HABOM is expected to increase Turkey´s share considerably with regards to the global aviation maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) sector once it becomes operational. The MRO market is expected to rise a total of 86,8 billion dollars by 2024 compared to the current 57,7 billion dollars.

603 million USD operating profit in 2014
Having earned a net operating profit of 603 million USD only in 2013, almost 70% of THY´s revenues comes from outside world. THY increased its turnover more than 8 times in the last 14 years and reported a revenue of 11,1 billion dollars.
THY is among the top firms with regards to export volume in Turkey owing to its revenue. THY aims to increase its revenue to 24 billion USD in 2023.

THY also contributes to the development of tourism sector
Being one of the most important aspects of economic development, the improvement of tourism activities is undoubtedly correlated to the developments in transportation. The tourism revenues in Turkey are surging thanks to the huge investments made in airline industry since 2000s. With the contribution of THY´s projects and investments -a flag carrier in airline industry- tourism industry grows steadily.

THY is one of the most known Turkish brands for its sponsorship agreements, advertisement and marketing activities; the firm is aiming to be among the top 100 brands in the next 5 years. Sponsoring many international brands, including the Euroleague which is one of the most prestigious basketball championships in Europe, THY leaves the mark of Turkish flag on every part of the world. Turkish Airlines have sponsorship and advertisement agreements with Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund, French League (Ligue 1) club Olympique Marseille along with world´s most successful football players such as Lionel Messi and Didier Drogba. Turkish Airlines is also sponsoring the “Turkish Airlines Open”, one of the most prestigious golf tournaments of the world.

The Best European Airline Carrier for four years
In 2007, Turkish Airlines was ranked as a four star airline by respected consultation institution Skytrax owing to the innovative service vision that the company developed based on customer satisfaction and high quality.

THY was awarded tens of international rewards in the recent years, and it was selected as "Europe´s Best Airline" for four consecutive years by Skytrax Passengers Choice Awards, one of the most prestigious quality standards rating agencies. This year, Turkish Airlines was also awarded in the following categories: "Best Business Class Lounge Dining", "Best Business Class Catering" and "Best Airline in Southern Europe".

Furthermore, in April 2008, THY joined the Star Alliance, the world´s largest global airline alliance composed of 26 leading carriers.

The other international awards won by THY are as follows:
• CAPA (Center of Asia Pasific Airlines) 2013 Aviation Awards for Excellence
• ´The Airline Strategy Awards 2013 & 2014´ by Air Business
• STAT Times - Fastest Growing International Cargo Airline of the Year
• Airbus 320 Operational Excellence
• Logitrans 2013 The Best Air Cargo Carrier
• Air Cargo News 2013 ´Best Asia-Pacific Cargo Airline´
• Air Transport World Market Leadership Award 2011

In 2015, the airline industry was included in the reward program of “Best Corporate Governance” in Europe and Africa by UK based Ethical Boardroom. Turkish Airlines has been recognized for the “Best Corporate Governance” in the airline industry in Europe standing out among the 11 airlines operating in the continent.

With its investments and demonstrating an upwards trajectory of performance in airline industry’s value added areas, Turkish Airlines significantly contributes to Turkey’s 2023 vision.

Data valid as of March, 2015

Sources: http://www.kdk.gov.tr/

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