3.Tourism Council started

Long-lasting preparations are underway III. The Tourism Council started in Ankara. The reports prepared by 330 reporters who are members of 13 commissions for the preparation period of the shrill will be evaluated during the course.

Culture and Tourism Minister Numan Kurtulmuş, who made the opening speech of the shrink in the Presidential Kulliya, said:


In 1998, the second, in 2002, we set the third tourism strategy for tourism. As we mentioned in our blog, making a new leap is the right time to take a new step. Özal period was the first phase of tourism, very positive steps were taken at that time. The main steps were taken during the period of the prime minister. This period, when great steps were taken in infrastructure investments, constituted the second phase in tourism. Now is the time to enter a new move period with the experience we have gained. We hope that this shrink will contribute greatly to the tourism of the country.

We will assess the contribution of tourism to the country, set new strategies, revise our targets and perhaps raise the targets. We will motivate our private sector better. we will use the tourism diplomacy more effectively in the framework of the ideas formed at these meetings. Decisions taken here will not be written, will be followed.


Tourism is a huge sector. It is a very fast growing sector compared to other sectors and it constitutes a size of 2.3 trillion dollars in the world. In the coming period, the number of people employed by the tourism sector will rise to 380 million.



In the first 9 months, the number of tourists visiting Turkey exceeded 26 million. Only 4 million new tourists arrived in September. It is close to 40 percent compared to last September and in the first month it is close to 30 percent in the same period of last year.


In the first 9 months, there were 4 tourists in Russia and 3 million tourists from Germany. There may be a decrease in the number of visitors from Germany. However, do not go to Turkey from the top curtain in Germany, even though you are in danger, German tourists have continued to come to Turkey.


The next one is III. To diversify our target markets during the move. On the one hand we will deliver the necessary excitement to the traditional markets while on the other hand we will steal the gates of countries such as China and India in East Asia. We will increase the number of visitors from these countries, make them expressed in millions.

We also have to go to product diversification. We will enter the sector with new products and make people come more.

Especially we will use tourism as a soft power to remove the anti-Turkism and anti-Islamism.

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