Troy Series from Netflix

Due to the 20th anniversary of the acceptance of the Troy Ancient City to the UNESCO World Heritage List, the year 2018 was declared "Troy Year" all over the world. History dating back five thousand years, throughout history, been a bridge of cultures, the world's most important ancient cities of the 'Troy', Governorship and the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture introduced to the world with collaboration.

According to reports in the British media and culture in Turkey with Troy Troy Year 2018 has been declared by the Ministry of Tourism in the world this year, the ancient city was the focus of attention. Turkey has also announced to the world, '' immediately after the BBC and Netflix's 2018 Troy Year also came together for a joint project. '' Troy, Fall Of A City '' called the historical series, in Troy Year, Troy ' while the names of world famous stars such as David Gyasi, Hakeem Kae-Kazim and Louis Hunter are included in British and American co-production, Troy history of Anatolia, which is the caste value of the world, is taken into consideration in all aspects.

The magnificent ancient city, originally dated by Frank Calvert in 1863 and later by Heinrich Schliemann, is known as the bridge of dialogue between the East and the West, along with its rich trade. '' 2018 Troy Year '' also includes a special 'Troia It will be opened in the museum. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism also invited world-renowned actors of the legendary film 'TROYA' to empower activity within the award-winning 'Troya Museum' project.


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