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Belek: mecca for golf enthusiasts and a piece of heaven where shades of green merge with shades of blue

Splendid forest scenery with pine and pistachio trees as well as a magnificent coastline and impressive golf courses and facilities await you for an unforgettable holiday in Belek.

Aspendos, one of the most beautiful cities of the ancient times, in addition to Perge which is among the richest cities of the ancient world and the Kurşunlu Falls regarded as natural phenomenon are among the popular sights of interest near to Belek.

The popularity of Belek offering the world's most luxurious concept hotels providing the highest quality standarts continues to increase with the rising number of visitors each passing day.

"The modern face of tourism" Belek is waiting for its guests!


Belek, one of the most valuable holiday resorts of Antalya province, is often refered to as "Heaven on Earth,” and quite popular among tourists for its temperate climate throughout the year.

Each of them more comfortable and luxurious than the other, the hotels of the area are in your service throughout the year.

As a holiday resort, Belek also stands out for its emphasis on golf. It has golf clubs and facilities of international standards and the most preferred golf courses among world-famous golfers. Situated in the midst of nature most of the golf areas are at the same time the venue of various golf tournaments.

Aspendos located near to Belek, is one of the most significant and well-preserved ancient cities of the area. The site attracts visitors particularly for its antic theatre which is the largest ancient theater of the Asian and African continent. It is one of most magnificent and well preserved Roman theaters of Anatolia.

Perge is one of the most beautiful and richest cities of the Hellenistic period situated very close to Belek and possesses remarkable artifacts worth the visit. The two high towers, majestic city gate, the long paths and outstanding stadium are only some of the numerous historical monuments to be explored on the site.

Moreover, holiday makers should pay a visit to Kurşunlu Falls which will turn their vacation into an invaluable experience as the area is rich in the variety of birds and regarded as natural wonder. The cave, hidden in the back of the waterfall will intrigue visitors to enter a world of mystery.

Vacationers who want to enjoy a vacation that intertwines sport with nature should opt for Belek!


Belek welcomes thousands of visitors each year not only for its natural beauties and ancient monuments but also for the Aspendos International Opera and Ballet Festival. The festival is held annually every June.

Different shows by a variety of ensembles reach a larger audience while the audience enjoys a great festivity full of art, culture and visual performances.

The venue of a wide range of events, shows and festivals the Aspendos Antik Theater presents the most popular performances particularly during the summer months.

Art lovers who do not want to miss great performances during their holiday should follow the festival!

How can I get there?

Antalya the star of the Mediterranean region which accommodates great numbers of visitors every year can be easily reached via a variety of transportation options.

Furthermore, Belek one of the most beautiful holiday resorts of the region and can be reached via a short bus ride from Antalya.

Direct flight from many destinations around the world will provide for direct acess to Antalya. Travelers who want to reach Belek can make use of the shuttle services, public transportation facilities and taxis outside of the exit gate of Antalya airport.

It is also possible to get to Belek by taking a bus from any major city of Turkey. Bus services which leave from Antalya bus terminal will take you to Belek in the shortest time possible.

Belek promises not only a great holiday but also easy and convenient access to the town!


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