Excavated at Çatalhöyük to be continued in 2017

Yapı Kredi, which has been the main sponsor since 1997, will be excavated in Çatalhöyük in 2017.

According to the statement made by Yapi Kredi, the bank was shared with the public since 2016, when it was the main sponsor of Çatalhöyük excavations since 1997.

The excavation team in Çatalhöyük, one of the few prehistoric centers that entered the UNESCO World Heritage List, moved a little closer to revealing the earliest structures of Çatalhöyük with the works carried out in the north and south areas.

Çatalhöyük Excavation President Dr. Ian Hodder, in 1999, reached the lowest level of the eastern mound in Çatalhöyük, but reminded that they could not find the earliest conclusions, he evaluated the excavation season as follows:

"We have found garbage areas and cages instead of houses in the studies we have done at the East Mound in 1999. We conducted our core works consisting of 12 excavators, 15 laboratories and support specialists with the aim of reaching the lowest layer and the earliest construction last year, but due to the short duration of the excavation season, We obtained interesting findings in the 2016 excavation season and we found two female figures on the East Höyük and we obtained the result that these belong to the women who have got the prestige and respectability in society and we reach the lowest level in 2016 I believe that we will reveal the earliest works of Çatalhöyük with the works we will carry out in 2017. "

Findings from the year 2016

At Çatalhöyük in 2016, there was a knot in the excavation connection, four double-faced obsidian arrows at the highest level ever seen, bones and ceramic objects in the north, and numerous burials in the south.

In the area called Building 1, the most precious burial we have ever attained, including two flintstone daggers and a sea shell, has been reached.

In the northern area, where a very detailed study was carried out, outside the building area of ​​132, activity areas, fire places and work areas were determined to the finest detail. Information on how to use outdoors was obtained. In 2016, work was also launched in social media to make Çatalhöyük widely known.

A mobile application is being developed for Çatalhöyük visitors. In addition, the video game is designed for the field.

An exhibition will be held at Koç University's Anatolian Civilizations Research Center (ANAMED) on June 21, 2017, this year in addition to the last excavation season of Çatalhöyük.

The unknown parts of Çatalhöyük on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list will be passed on to the visitors with up-to-date and interactive display techniques on how the excavations were done for 25 years.

It is known that Çatalhöyük is known to the visitors and how the archaeologists have reached the laboratory and the laboratory's wondering scientific analyzes will be presented to visitors by means of experiment-based exhibitions.

Sergide, each participant BC. It is aimed to be a researcher in Çatalhöyük excavations dating back to 9000.

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