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Turkey is extremely ambitious and rich when it comes to fashion. Textile products are one of Turkey’s largest export products, therefore the country is very dedicated to fashion and the public continously follows the latest fashion trends. There are numerous local clothing manufacturers producing a wide range of apparel and textiles across Turkey as well as worldwide brands like Beymen and Vakko.. During your visit to Turkey if you have some time for shopping you can get the chance to witness the richness of Turkey’s fashion trends.

Especially in the central cities modern fashion styles are very dominant. Regardless of age, gender, employment status, people in Turkey see the “comfort” factor a priority when following fashion trends. When you walk down the city streets you can see how comfort is adapted with fashion. A more conservative style is also preferred in the country and usually people with conservative styles who live in big cities opt for trendy scarves and thin summer outfits whereas in the rural areas simple and modest clothes are preferred.

Turkish women care about being fashionable in their daily wear as well as special occasions. In 2015 the latest trends such as, shorts, midriff showing t-shirts, pencil skirts, the use of lace and colors, masculine style pants and shoes reminenance of 1940s style of fashion can be seen widely on the streets of Istanbul, Ankara etc.. Street fashion is usually combined with a pair of jeans, checkered shirts, jean dresses, voluminous tops, high waist pants, ripped jeans, and boyfriend jeans. White seems to be the color of the year this year and one can see people wearing lace white dresses on the streets. In regard of shoes, wedges, gladiator sandals, rhinest one sandals, and colorful sneakers are preferred. When it comes to one of the most important accessories for women, handbags, clutches with patterns on them, and straw bags of the 70s are preferred. Concerning make up, lighter shades are preferred during the day and darker shades are preferred at night.

It’s not possible to say that Turkish men care less about fashion then women. Especially in the last few years it’s considered fashionable for men to combine casual and chique. This year white is also dominating the male fashion. White is on the foreground not just with shorts or pants but also with shoes. Blazer jackets, a symbol of elegance, is also tailored in a more sporty fashion. Bermuda shorts and t-shirts are combined with different styles of jackets.

In the rural areas of Turkey, clothing differs greatly by region, although regional outfits are not reflected in daily clothing. In the generally conservative rural parts of Turkey, women wear long and loose skirts. They wear a thin headscarf and modest short or long sleeved t-shirts. In addition, floral patterned dresses usually worn in the rural areas of Turkey has now gotten a more modern look and rural men usually wear slacks and plain colored shirts.


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