Karain Cave

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Karain Cave: One of the most enigmatic places of the Mediterranean Region, Karain Cave has survived from prehistoric times.

Situated in Antalya and with a history dating back to the Paleolithic era, the Karain Cave has been put to use during different epochs. The cave has also served as a temple for some time.

Perhaps now it’s your turn to take a closer look at this natural wonder revealing the traces of cave settlement in the ancient times!


One of Turkey's most visited and most beautiful cities, Antalya attract also attention for its monuments that have survived from the ancient times.

Used as a dwelling place from the Early Paleolithic Age to the Late Roman period, Karain Cave is considered a natural wonder bearing unique mysteries.

Karain is considered among the most significant Paleolithic caves due to the fact that it had been a living area with a long history dating back to the earliest times.

The findings obtained from the area are known to be the first human artifacts of Anatolia. The cave houses also portable artifacts and is an important center bearing the first specimens of Anatolian art.

Due to its strategic location between Europe and the Near East, Karain reveals important data concerning the migration route of the time while the fossils of plants and animals reveal crucial information in regard of the ancient Mediterranean region.

The cave, bearing the traces of the Mesolithic, Neolithic, Chalcolithic, Bronze Age and succeeding periods, was also used as a temple in more recent periods.

Located on Çadir peak and nestled on the slopes of Mount Şam, this natural wonder is visited by thousands of visitors every year.

The findings uncovered in the area are showcased in the little museum next to the cave and the Antalya museum.

Revealing the first traces of human life and thus shedding light on human history, Karain Cave is waiting to share its mysteries with you.

How can I get there?

The major hub of transportation of the Mediterranean Region and within easy reach, Antalya invites you to a journey full of discovery.

The most practical way to reach the city is to fly in to Antalya airport which accommodates both domestic and international flights. The public transport vehicles and taxis stationed outside of the airport exit gates and at the Antalya bus terminal will take you to Karain within a short time.

Travelers preferring the highway can take any of the intercity buses leaving from any city in Turkey to Antalya.

Are you ready to embark on a journey to unlock the secrets of history?

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