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Yunus Emre Enstitüsü's "Distance Turkish Instruction Portal", implemented in February 2017, has reached nearly 100 thousand users. Yunus Emre Enstitüsü bringing Turkish language and culture to many countries of the world with more than 50 cultural centres and 139 contact points, also reaches the destinations where there is no YEE centres, by way of its online education program "Distance Turkish Instruction Portal", and has enabled 100 thousand more individuals to learn Turkish as a foreign language.

With the portal accessible from 159 countries on 6 continents, users can learn Turkish by themselves with an online instruction program they can connect via mobile phones, tablets, and computers. On the website designed based on four basic language instruction skills, the users can interactively complete reading, listening, speaking and writing courses with thousands of different activities, and improve their Turkish language skills beginning from the level suitable for them, between A1 (beginner) level to C1 (advanced) level. There are users from all over the world, from every culture and age group on the website that offers various videos and games. The majority of users are young people between ages 18-34, making up 76 percent of total users, and young people devote an average of 15 minutes a day to Turkish.

Turkish All Over the World!

Yunus Emre Enstitüsü President Prof. Dr. Şeref Ateş issued a statement to Anadolu Agency on the subject, and stated that the portal which went online in February 2017, has reached 100 thousand users from 159 countries as of today and that this figure increases each day.

Prof. Ateş emphasized that Turkish language and culture has reached more and more regions of the world through the portal, and spoke as follows: "Users of the portal are mainly from Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Algeria, Ecuador, Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan, Yemen, United States and Germany. We are able to bring our beautiful Turkish language and culture even to regions we cannot physically access via internet. Users in any part of the world can interact with each other at any time through discussion and commentary sections, and get help from each other when they come across complex or difficult activities. Students at different corners of the world communicate with each other in Turkish.”

Learning Through Speaking, Listening, and Seeing

Users can easily learn Turkish words divided into groups in 11 different activities. The users who hear the pronunciation of a Turkish word, see its picture and spelling, can also collect points on the system by pronouncing the word themselves. Users can see the scores and levels of achievement of the top ten users in the system as well as the people they add as friends, and are ranked as "talented, patient, attentive, knowledgeable, hard-working" by the portal.

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