Religious Tourism

The technological changes that take place in the world, regardless of the national boundaries, bring people together. Since the beginning of the article, perhaps 9,000 or 10,000 years ago, some places on the earth have been the scene of close connections between different cultures, civilizations and religions.

If the first-century civilizations developed in Anatolia, in the early periods of Christianity, if the apostles were in the middle ages, then the heavy pressures and destruction policies they encountered in the Jewish countries were the result of these refugees and they had to take shelter in these lands. In addition to the works of the Islamic religion of the Turks, many synagogues and churches.

These works, reaching to day-to-day with deep respect and tolerance in line with the national understanding of Islam, make Turkey more advantageous than other countries.

It can be defined as Faith Tourism, where people are constantly resident, engaged in work, and out of places where they meet their usual needs, to realize their religious beliefs and to see tourist attractions for tourism attractions.

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