Sustainable Brands 2017 Istanbul

Leading brands, moving in the 21st century in the changing dynamics of the market, in the world of uncertainties, continue to increase their profitability and grow successfully. Sustainable Brands, a platform for more than a million professionals who are shaping the future of brands around the world, invites professionals from Istanbul to meet with Sustainable Brands 2017 Istanbul to 'act for purpose'!

This conference will be held on 20-21 April at Swissotel The Bosphorous under the theme of 'Activating Purpose'. Brands and business leaders are bringing together those who want to see how new strategies are moving with innovations that shape the future.

Sustainable Brands 2017 Istanbul, you will be inspired to manage the real change at the end of 2 days. You can sign innovations in the business world in long and short walks by making business partnerships with the hardware and the new stakeholders you win.

Sustainable Markets - About Sustainable Brands

Sustainable Markets, focused on identifying the role that brands play in shaping the future and empowering them, is an international platform that moves with the principle of learning and acting. Sustainable Brands brands and all stakeholders created to shape the future, to transform the world economy towards a sustainable economy and to move towards a brighter future for the world that is evolving, and all its stakeholders in Boston, San Diego, Copenhagen, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Barcelona , Cape Town, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Sydney and Tokyo.

This platform for bringing together sustainable brands strengthens our understanding of leadership in creativity, innovation and net positive impact for sustainability; Business world leaders to create more sustainable brands.

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