Assos’ temporary list of ‘UNESCO World Heritage’

The Assos Ruins within the borders of the village of Behramkale under the Ayvacık county of Çanakkale were accepted on the temporary list of "UNESCO World Heritage".

Provincial Director of Culture and Tourism Kemal Dokuz told the journalists that the application for Assos Ören Yeri was transmitted to UNESCO by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Dokuz, indicating that the application was accepted, said:

"Of course there will be a process going on here, first on a temporary list, then at the end of the process, the commission will come to our knowledge and visit the Assos Ruins, which will check to see if they meet the criteria. There are 16 destinations in the list, among which are the Trojan Ruins from Çanakkale and Assos Ruins as the second destination from Çanakkale.

Dokuz, last year, the number of visitors at the Trojan Ruins site fell to 105 thousand in 2015, but the number of visitors to Assos Ruen 95 thousand in 2015, rising to 115 in 2015, indicating that Assos passed the number of visitors in terms of the number of visitors.



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