Rize – Kaçkar Dağı National Park

Location: The mountains are in the northeast of Turkey, near the Black Sea coast, around 70km east of Rize.

Transportation: The town of Camlihemsin, 16km northwest, is easily reached via Rize, Trabzon and Artvin.

Highlights: The areas around the River Firtina (Thunder) at the west of the mountains, and the River Hemsin on the east are covered with a rich range of
flora. Rhododendrons grow at an altitude of 3000 metres, which is very unusual. There is also a wide variety of wildlife, with wolves, bears, pigs, wild goats, deer, jackals and wild hens. The highest peak is Kackar Dagi at 3937m.

Because the altitude increases over a relative short distance, there are plateaus with alpine summer villages, many of which have accommodation available for trekkers, and which offer an interesting insight into the cultural and social nature of the region. The village at Ayder Plateau has good facilities and a thermal spring, and is a popular stop on the trekking route.

Facilities: The best facilities in the park, especially for those trekking for several days, is on Alder Plateau. In Camlihemsin there are specially designated camping areas. Trekking is increasingly popular in this area, and it is possible to hire a guide in Alder and Camlihemsin.

Source: http://www.kulturturizm.gov.tr/

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