Turkey Apps

You are planing to come to Turkey? There is an app for Turkey journey. Download Guides, accommodation and what you need is, knowledges are waiting for you.

Mobiett : The desired moment , you want to stop the bus of route information, can be accessed from your mobile phone instantly to the time of arrival

Mobiett for Android

Mobiett for İOS

How can I go : Chat with a friend through the original application interface with chat you can learn how to get to the point you want to become a burden on public transport , you can choose the most appropriate option out of alternatives.

Mobiett How can I go for Android

Mobiett How can I Go for İOS

BiTaksi :  If you can not find the way to or from the taxi stop , driving in traffic, you do not want to wait for the bus or a minibus tried the BiTaksi .

BiTaksi for Android

Bitaksi for İOS

TRAFI :  TRAFI is world’s most accurate & advanced public transport app available offline. Even more accurate than your official city transit authority

TRAFI for Android


IDO : IDO Mobile application inside the phone and your tablet as you can get tickets - contours, canceled flights, you can easily and quickly learn about the campaign and our announcement.

IDO for Android


Meteorology :

Meteorology for Android

Meteorology for İOS

Tripadvisor Turkiye : TripAdvisor® gives travelers the opportunity to enjoy every trip. With regard to travel, we have over 500 million comments and opinions covering the widest recording range worldwide (over 7 million accommodation, airlines, destinations and restaurants) TripAdvisor; offers travelers opinions based on their experience to help them make decisions about finding accommodation, arranging flights, things to do and finding places to eat.

Tripadvisor for İOS



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