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Kültepe: An ancient Hittite city located in Kayseri, an Anatolian city famous for its rich history and scenic beauty

Located in Central Anatolia and harboring the ancient ruins of Kanesh, Kültepe is an important archaeological site shedding light on the history of the region.

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Kültepe is one of the most important ancient settlements of Anatolia with a history dating back to 2000 BC. The site is about 500 meters in diameter and about 2 meters high.

The site is significant for being the first city founded by the Hittites in Anatolia and is one of the world’s most famous open-air museums.

The ancient site of Kültepe remained undiscovered until 1881. From that time on important artifacts were unearthed that made important contributions to ancient history. Consequently, the excavations conducted on site continued for many years.

The findings that have been excavated at the archaeological site of Kültepe belong to the Assyrian, early Hittite, Roman - Persian and Tabalian periods. More importantly, Kültepe harbors one of the oldest written documents of Anatolia, the Assyrian tablets bearing cuneiform inscriptions.

Comprised of letters, seals, securities and agreements, the tablets reveal information pertaining to the political and legal relations between the administrators, traders and public of the time.

Referred to as the “Kültepe tablets,” this historical evidence sheds light on the ancient period. The area is also considered an open air museum and encompasses a variety of public and religious structures, houses and workshops.

Having rested under clear blue skies for thousands of years and nestled in the heart of nature, Kültepe is now the new mecca of history enthusiasts. The portable artifacts uncovered in the region are displayed at the Archaeological Museum in Kayseri.

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How can I get there?

Located in Kayseri, one of the most advanced cities of Turkey and Central Anatolia, Kültepe is an inviting holiday destination with convenient transportation means.

Kayseri is accessible via airway and highway from all major cities in Turkey. The ancient city of Kültepe is in close vicinity to the city center of Kayseri.

The minibuses and public buses leaving from the central bus station in the city center of Kayseri will take you to Kültepe in a short time. Once you have arrived in Kültepe be ready to embark on an exciting exploration tour amidst nature and history.


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